I haven't had a chance to meet this virus myself for long time since I heard this symptom happened to my mom's computer and you know what? I thought it's a registry broken. I had tried to edit my mom's registry but no luck. I couldn't do anything other than this though because I didn't see it myself. However, the time is come. :-P First I saw this symptom is like some programs override the default shell of Drive. What happen is you have to right--click on drive, just to open it. And you will see Auto-bold to show that's default of double click action. As you know, it's just like nothing happen; nonetheless, the virus is activated and spreads into your computer. This virus, aka "flashy" family, use flash or external drives as medium to spread. However, it doesn't effect other tasks at all, as I know--pls correct me if I'm wrong.

The tool I found is pretty easy to use, just double click and wait. You may find that seems like your computer almost freeze, but don't worry it's not. When everything turns to normal, your computer is good to go.

Try by yourself and happy with powerful of double click that you used to.

download: >>Flash_Disinfector.zip<< (I need to zip it for secured reasons)

ref: data about file type association in Windows that I found--it doesn't help fix this symptom but may be nice thing to know