This is my first time that I can't get computer works as I want and in the time I work. Oh! darn! I really don't have any idea how to do it since I have no another computer with me. No excuse I can't fix that.

The symptom is it works almost the same as usual but you cannot connect to the internet at all (but LAN is connected to DSL modem successfully) except ie which you can surf to the internet almost perfectly. That thing is there is something blocks the popular mail site for logging in. I mean I can login to Yahoo! Mail via mobile site and go to without any problem! What the heck is that? that makes me stupid for a while.

What I had done is trying to disable almost everything unnecessary from startup; the result is LAN is connected as usual; I mean I can login to Modem via HTTP ( but I can't go to other sites at all. Then I set the startup as default; what I got is slow (surely) and only ie that can connect the internet, besides most web-mails.

x Hosts file
x Startup program

:-( desperate me, I never think of this moment but I won't give up.

Now I have 1 suspect which is expired Norton Antivirus that I can't uninstall at first due to broken registry and lots of spyware & worms. I mean I really can't uninstall or re-install by common way. So I might need a backup--but who else around me can help this! (Norton remove tool and how to manually move Norton out of the system) I will try these two ways to see if it works. Keep up!