Oh, I'm posting from Windows Live Writer, one of the Windows Live Product. I found that it's quite good, giving me first impression easily. From what I see recently--since Office 2007 or more specifically OneNote, I think Microsoft have done really good job about usability of their software; even though, Vista is what all folks complained about--I will talk about that later though.

Windows Live Writer is for writing. I doubt that what it's really for. At first I thought is sort of OneNote but it's actually, Windows Live Blogger! It will help anyone posting a blog very easy from your Windows PC. Whatever blog you have from Windows Live Space, SharePoint Webblog, Blogger, or even your WordPress; this program will recognize by itself, damned easy!! what I have to know is my blog address, user, and password. And I mean that's it. Windows Live Writer will find anything in a minute for ready to post! I can do almost everything I should have to do--setting category, inserting any object, adding plug-ins, setting publish date, editing the post that publishing via the program itself or adding tag for any tag providers you like. I don't know what else to say; it's better than posting on blogger via Picasa for sure.

windows live writer

What I really like is I can save draft on my PC for publishing later or preview like it already published on your blog. You've got to see it for real.

However, why it's version 2008 I have no idea :-P but newbies products from Microsoft are really changing the way they were before. It's clean and easy but still tweakable. Maybe Microsoft is trying to show that it's still far superior than its opponents; who knows? wait for Leopard hits the shelves and see if it still is.