I don't know if this is useful, but I found many sites mentioned that Eee (Xandros) is not capable of handling Thai--only for input, I guess. So this could help somebody who passes by and is finding how to add Thai as an input language.

Originally, Eee PC comes with English and Chinese, of course. Thus, it needs something to switch between those languages already. Luckily it is SCIM - Smart Commom Input Method Platform. If you are familiar with another linux distro and using other language besides English, you will know it well. This is all you have to know in order to add Thai or any language as a keyboard input.


source: screenshot of openSUSE 10.3

Basically, SCIM has 2 parts which are core programs and tables (.bin & .png) for any languages. Usually, when you install SCIM, it will bundle tons of table for you to choose, but unfortunately Eee does have only English and Chinese. So, what you have to do is copying the table for the language you need into SCIM directory. That's it!

I upload all non-CJK tables for SCIM in Sky Drive here, it's only 110kB, so you may add all that or just choose what you want.

After you got the file, you have to extract and put them in


or if you want to add only Thai language, you have to copy Thai.png in icons folder to /usr/share/scim/icons and Thai.bin in tables folder to /usr/share/scim/tables. (you have to gain root privilege in order to do so)


Then you have to set for a hotkey for switch the language a bit. You might not use grave accent though since grave button is not on the right place as usual keyboard. I found that Ctrl+space is very comfortable way to switch, but it's just my way.

Step-by-Step: how to add thai for eee pc:

1. download SCIM table from my Sky Drive here
2. Extract to where you want, assume /home/user
3. get into Terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T)
4. gain root privilege

sudo -i

5. copy 2 files needed for a lauguage you want

cp /home/user/scim/icons/Thai.png /usr/share/scim/icons/
cp /home/user/scim/Tables/Thai.bin /usr/share/scim/tables/

6. right-click on SCIM and set for a hotkey
7. you are now able to type Thai on Eee PC, congratulation!

#-----added on 2007-12-25---- การลงภาษาไทยใน eee pc --------#
Additional part for you guys who prefer Pattachote keyboard layout (ปัตตะโชติ บน eee pc) pattachote on Eee; ปัตตโชติ บน eee

First of all, you don't have to follow the step above. You have to do something a bit different which is adding scim-thai repository.
1. Get into terminal by ctrl+alt+t
2. add repository that has scim-thai (one I know is from linux.thai.net)

sudo kwrite /etc/apt/sources.list

add the following line into the file, then save and exit.

deb http://linux.thai.net/apt ./

3. update the repositories and install scim-thai in terminal

sudo apt-get update

You may have to try several times until you haven't seen an error. Then:-

sudo apt-get install scim-thai

4. once you finished installation; restart once--I don't think it needs to but scim sometimes confuses about adding new stuffs.
5. After you get back; setting in SCIM then you all set!

Happy New Year! I hope you find some fun with your Eee PC!