Since there are tons of new CPU/GPU in the market now, most of them are over-performance of what we really need now. Joe and Jane folks, we all use computers mainly for surfing the Internet, checking e-mail. You may argue that you are kind of gamers, graphic designers, or whatever bla bla bla... imageBut you may know, you are minority.

Ever since I have computer at the age only 1-digit, I mainly use computer for gaming, and learning something inspiring me until now. But at that time, notebook or portable device is just too expensive for everyone, only business use, I bet. These days, I guess kids still do the same as me, but, because of computer getting smaller, lighter, and more importantly cheaper so that they could bring their new tools (& toys) to school for lecturing. That's why the word *fashionable* is coming to this world in order to increase "wow" factor and let buyer take the money out easier.image

I guess Apple should be named as the first who brought this word to the electronic world really from iMac G3 up to now. But, this year, I bet you will see lots of fashionable notebook going to town. First, unfashionable Dell was starting to color their popular Inspiron line, though it was a first take which was not quite impressive since there are complaints about wearing out of the color. However, from what I can see, they are selling quite well comparing to other models. I guess it's just like something extra on top, no reason why you wouldn't get it?

That just was the start; the upcoming is not only plain color anymore, it's getting more style. For Dell new Inspiron 1525 series, you will see choices of unique patterns like strips or waves.


imageBut the most impact model of Dell is XPS series, m1330 and m1530, they are just so appealing in a way Dell customers couldn't ever imagine. Not only did Dell do this, others are on the way as well. HP gives you such a variety of very cool choice like this:-

image image

Also, Lenovo who doesn't seem to care much about their consumer line is going to release the small notebook in Chinese red suit and its siblings named ideaPad U110, Y510, and Y510.

image image

Don't get me wrong, fashionable doesn't have to be colorful, though colorful is preference and easier to present. Some notebooks like Macbook and Asus Eee PC are good examples of fashionable notebook without color (color version comes later on anyway.) They have lots of wow factor in itself much more than many models in the market.

image image

All in all, these are just the example of upcoming notebook. And you know all these notebooks haven't had any kind of horse power hardware. Thus, year 2008 is going to be the year of fashionable notebook indeed. We'll see!