I just have no idea really because I haven't had any chance to have any Hi-Def disc drive myself. However, I thought this war already ended up months ago. Now I just sit reading news and surprising why people are still whining about this again and again...

image The previous format war is recordable DVD standard, DVD-R or DVD+R. This ended up peacefully by hybrid drive which is able to handle both of them. With the same scenario, I thought the release of Samsung BD-UP5000 1080p HD-DVD Blu-Ray Disc Combo Player is great ending--no compromise, and fully compatible with both. It was about $1049 in Q4, 2007, and now, only a week of 2008 it's only $799. No doubt, there will be bunches of Combo player like this coming very soon (now LG) and, surely, the price will go deep down rapidly over time like you had seen with other previous formats--DVD, VHS, or else.

The question is why? why do people still talk about this war? here, here, and here. Warner will go for Blu-ray exclusive and is that it? I don't think so. Even though Blu-ray has more capacity (dual-layer: 50GB) per disc comparing to HD-DVD(dual-layer: 30GB), the price is higher as well. For example, Amazon sells Blu-ray and HD-DVD around $19.95 to mostly $27.95 and mostly $19.95 respectively. From what I have seen, the price is going to be real vital factor which consumers decide to get. Like me, I still prefer burning with single-layer DVD (20-40c/disc) to dual-layer DVD ($1.25-?/disc) because of the price solely. Nevertheless, I still prefer to see this war ends with whatever you choose, we can play.

In short, all I hope is both of them become cheap so that we all can take the advantage of them.