Oh, man! this ThinkPad is so cool. It's almost no compromise in design with countless features, such as ThinkLight--I really missed it, Roll Cage, Stainless steel display hinges, shock mount HDD, LED backlight, mic, camera, fingerprint, spill resistant keyboard, 802.11n, Bluetooth, Opt. WiMax/WWAN in this small chassis which is also hardware removal/installation friendly.

Battery light is also great as well with
- 4.3 hours with 3-cell battery (3.13lbs)
- 6.5 hours with 6-cell battery (3.32lbs)
- 10 hours with 6+3-cell batteries (3.51lbs)

I have no idea about 6+3-cell batteries how it would be though--thru dock? However, 6.5 is impressive already, you maybe just carry another battery, then you will be all set. What you are sacrifice is faster CPU, instead they choose to pop Intel Core 2 Duo LV 1.2GHz 4MB L2 cache. I prefer longer battery life as always though.

BUT, sadly I couldn't afford it. With the premium price tag--$2,700. That's super far beyond my reach. At least, ThinkPad X300 is a dream machine of most people. I wish Thinkpad X200 will be almost the same with HDD and low price tag as X61s or X70 will be out soon.

X300 Brochure leaked via Forum.ThinkPads
X300 take apart via Forum.ThinkPads

update (Feb 26, 2008): After coupon and else, we could actually get this cool ThinkPad around $2,100-2,200. Not bad, not bad at all! (but still couldn't afford it :-/)