Refurnbished Sticker on the bottom Recently I just had a chance to grab one of newest machine available on Dell Factory Outlet (so, it's absolutely not new in a normal sense.) I have no idea whether or not I will be impressed and there are a lot of possibility to end up with returning this back since I have not really good experience with refurbished stuffs. For instance, refurbished Blackberry Pearl from TigerDirect was one of my bad experience. It had tons of scratches and flexes all around the body. Also, the system was freezing randomly all the time, even reset couldn't help from that.

Why? why do I have to buy from this channel again?

  • First, it's cheaper;with the same spec, I could save almost $200 and that is based on $599 based price--so that's around 30% off.
  • Considering this as a computer; it surely is easier to fix. I mean most parts are available; you could change it if there is something wrong. And that doesn't require any knowledge--just brave to try, I guess. If you are not good about this, just ask--there are a lot of great community in the cyberspace. If it was mobile, PDA or any small gadgets, when it's dead, it's 95% dead.
  • You also are likely to feel getting a new machine. That feeling is so good, isn't it?

Okay then, now you may wonder what I have ordered. It's Dell Inspiron 1525 with this brief spec:-
unboxing 1525 All recovery & setup discs Dell Inspiron 1525

  • Intel Pentium Dual-Core T2330 1.6GHz 1MB L2 Cache (Merom)
  • 15.4" WXGA (1280*800) matte screen [no dead/stuck pixel]
  • 1GB DDR2-667 RAM (2*512MB)
  • 160GB Hard drive SATA 5400rpm
  • 2MPixel webcam
  • DVD Burner
  • Vista Home Basic
  • Recovery DVDs -- Windows Setup DVD, Dell Recovery DVD, Driver CD, etc.

All these, I got $407.15 + $19.99 shipping = $427.14 which is not bad at all. It's less than what I paid for my Eee PC and it is hardly beaten by others with this price point. You know what? After this order, I don't think I will ever buy brand new laptop again if I choose Dell as a choice. Not only is the price my impression, but also...
Inspiron 1525 1525 Keyboard
(click to see larger images)

  • I ordered on Friday, Feb 29, 2008 4:42pm and I got it on Monday, Mar 3, 2008. That's 3 days including Saturday and Sunday!! I thought NewEgg is quick, but this is astonishing.
  • Virtually no scratch--you have to look thoroughly in order to see only a few of them.
  • They give every discs they should while some vendors don't care about this, even with a new purchase.
  • It's fast! after uninstalling bloatwares -- Norton Antivirus & Google Desktop; only 2.

You may wonder how it can be fast with 1GB RAM on Vista, I have no idea too. But it seems working as fast as my ThinkPad X61 Tablet with Core 2 duo L7700 1.8GHz with 3GB RAM. Boot time from complete shut down is just around 40s to get login screen and about 30s extra for complete loading. Just so you know, this is the first Dell I ever touch & play in my room :-D I will post more thought of Dell computer in the future though.

In short, if you are going to purchase a new system, don't overlook this channel. It's just great as it originally is. The system works flawlessly; there is nothing to worry about. Kudos to Dell for giving us an outlet plus coupon =) I'm truly impressed.