Due to lots of request from previous post about the rest of (PRODUCT) RED set. So you will be satisfied with this post thoroughly. The complete set include:-image

  • Wallpapers - all of them are in this post.
  • 2 gadgets - to make it clear, it's only 1 new gadget--just only a link. For the red clock, you already have it with your Vista; all you have to do is find options and change it. That's my bad; that I think they are the same; however, the RED clock one is a bit different. No a second hand available is a disadvantage to me though.
  • Screensaver - this is nothing interesting at all. If you don't believe me, try it. But I recommend you to turn off screen, it's way lots better than opening screensaver.
  • DreamScene - this is what you see above; you may like it though.
  • What else? - theme? no more! you could do on your own as your preference.

Happy with (PRODUCT) RED stuffs.


Added: March 9, 2008

Thanks to fediafedia, I realized that's based on the same code as well. Thus, If you want to have a second hand. You just go tweaking the code directly. Here is a simple way to do; get into this directory; just paste this in Windows Explorer

%userprofile%\appdata\local\microsoft\windows sidebar\gadgets\clockr.gadget\en-US\js

Then you will see the file "settings.js", just edit by Notepad or your choice of editor. Find the function ClockSettings() [line:120] then edit

this.secondsEnabled = true;

Then you got the RED clock with a second hand, Horay!