imageThis might be a sub-notebook you are waiting for, so am I. But, could it be an Eee PC killer? I bet it is since it has HP logo on its lid--I'm not telling you that HP is better than Asus, you know what I mean--and it will sell through brick-and-mortar store everywhere, unlike Eee PC which is not that ubiquitous.

Okay first important thing first, spec and price comparing to Eee PC 700 series:-

HP 2133 mini-Note Eee PC 700 series
CPU VIA C7-M (up to 1.6GHz, 128 L2 Cache) 900 MHz Intel Celeron M ULV 353 @ 630 MHz
RAM 512MB-2GB PC5300 512MB/1GB PC5300
Display 8.9" WXGA (1280x768) 7" WVGA (800x480)
Screen type Super Glossy Matte
Hard drive 120/160GB 5400 or 7200rpm SATA or 64GB SSD or 4GB PATA Flash module 2/4/8GB SSD
Expansion ExpressCard/54, SD slot SD Slot
Dimension (W"xD"xH") 10.04 x 6.5 x 1.05~? 8.86 x 6.46 x 0.846~1.4
Weight 2.63-3.23 lbs 2.0 lbs
Keyboard 92% full keyboard crampy full keyboard
Port VGA, Ethernet, 2xUSB VGA, Ethernet, 3xUSB
Wireless 802.11a/b/g or b/g or bluetooth 802.11b/g
Battery size/life 3-cell (28Wh) 2:15hr
6-cell (55Wh) 4:11hr
4-cell (44Wh) 2.8hr
4-cell (52Wh) 3-3.5hr
Price $499 -- 1GHz CPU 512MB RAM 4GB Flash SLED OS
$749 -- 1.6GHz 2GB RAM 120GB 5400rpm Vista Business
$299 -- 2G model
$399 -- 4G model
$499 -- 8G model

HP 2133 with 3-cell battery (28Wh) HP 2133 with 6-cell battery (55Wh) HP 2133 Keyboard</div>

As you see, HP 2133 looks much more professional, has a lot more variety configurations than Eee PC and there are a lot of advantages over Eee PC but a few things that are worse than Eee PC is just a vital factor--weight & price. I mean for $499 you almost get nothing in HP 2133 perspective but you could get 8GB model and still 2.0lbs sub-notebook with Eee PC. For the top one, that's $749--I think it's not only a bit too steep; that price you could get ThinkPad T61 if you don't mind portability or add about $150 more to get Thinkpad X61 which is about the same weight or lower as well and surely better in any terms.

Also, there are a lot of folks crying of HP choosing VIA C7-M over newcomer Intel Atom or VIA Isaiah. IMHO, HP 2133 boot time with Vista Business, which is about 1:20min -- according to a clip, is not that bad. It might not as great as Eee PC did, but considering Vista boot time is slow as default. I think this trading off with 4-hour-battery life is more than satisfied since I have a full shutdown few times a month anyway. Sleep & hibernate will come to take that role instead, just wait and see how good VIA chipset is about power consumption at a deep sleep state.

In brief, I don't know yet if this is a real good deal. I got to see in person first; I hope it will hit brick 'n mortar store around soon, then we will know. Timing might be a vital factor here since if Eee PC is around in the store first, it will be a tough job for HP indeed.

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