Thumb up Logitech Not only does Logitech have a good product, but also has a great service. I haven't thought it's this good really. The thing is my VX Revolution has a problem about free spin wheel. Its wheel doesn't work well since a rubber ring was kind of loose--maybe I'm fun with spin too much :-) --Then I had contacted Logitech customer support. It was very good, quick process and surely it's truly online--doesn't have to make a phone call a single time.

Well, my problem is shown on the picture.


As you see, it is annoying in deed. Since I first contacted on April 15, 2008, I had to talk with the representative and give some information back and forth few times. I was expecting to have a new wheel for a replacement since I'm okay with disassemble and reassemble it, but they said they would send me a replacement unit for me. What I thought is only VX Revolution itself which is more than I could expect anyway. Then I unfortunately found out that this morning (Apr 25, 2008) DHL guy came to my apartment and gave me this box.

DHL box DHL open box brand new VX revolution

Yep, it's a brand new Logitech VX Revolution. I can't be more impressive than this. 10 days with an excellent support. You know what? This is the first day I think that 3 year manufacturer warranty on this expensive guy is genuine. Maybe I just had a bad experience with Apple care and automatically expect others' being the same. I, nonetheless, now know the great company is really existed.

Many thanks, Logitech.