This time is the time for Lenovo after really splendid service from Logitech. What happen was my Thinkpad X61T didn't boot up at all after flashing a new BIOS; screen on both internal and external was blank; only sound and LED indicator seemed normal. After a quick self-diagnostic, there was no way I could fix myself. It was the time to call Lenovo customer service. You know? I dig around to find if there are any chances to contact a representative by chat which is really cool way as far as my experience was concerned. Unfortunately there is no free service. It's sad since most companies have started having that, and it works well. (Sprint, newEgg, for example) Okay, so far, the only way is calling them on the phone.

Day 0 (Thu , May 15, 2008): The system was down; call 1-866-96-THINK; then as you could expect, I wasted 10 minutes or so on an automatic system and identifying myself & my case, then they threw me another number which is IBM service department in Atlanta, GA. After that I had to have another 10 minutes to do the same procedure before getting into the real talk. The representative had done what I would do if I were him; asked customer to try to turn on, hook up to external monitor, but no luck happened here. Thus, while my machine is still on warranty, they had to send me a box by DHL which I had to send back to them for further investigation. What I can say is it's quite impressive procedure so far.

SNV10150 Day 1 (Fri, May 16, 2008): The box with foam inside that fit my machine was come including one instruction paper and information form on the back. Soon as I got that I filled out the form and call DHL to pick up (it took only an hour after I called them). It's pretty quick and smooth process here. At this point, I got an email about the case (and a link to my case info page on and tracking number for the box. But, since I have already completed all things they wanted, I don't care much. As so you know, it's all DHL express overnight service for free, pretty good.

Day 2 (Sat, May 17, 2008): I got another mail from Lenovo that told me that the repair on my case had been completed (o_O" I'm surprised how fast its whole process is) and a tracking number of the box that was shipping to me.

Day 4 (Mon, May 19, 2008): Since it was Sunday, I guessed they had to postpone to Monday before it delivered. I'm so thrilled to get my machine back. Yeah!

Surprisingly after I opened up the box, I found Windows XP Professional COA on the back instead of Vista Business COA I have on my machine. I thought it was quick because they just swapped and shipped me back. Unfortunately I was so wrong. It was IBM Thinkpad T43.

WHERE THE HECK IS MY X61 Tablet @(DJISD#(*)@&^uidfa@(*&#(@)(%)*^.

That was shock because I recognized that is the box I sent to them; every stickers were right: my name, my address, my case ID, and my machine S/N. Soon after I could keep my breath I looked up my case info on; found that the case was closed with no failed part (yep, since it was no broken part really) Then I called Lenovo immediately. No luck this day since it was 9pm and no one would pick up my call.

Day 5 (Tue, May 20, 2008): I called Lenovo in the morning and explained that you guys shipped me a wrong unit. They sounded not surprised at all which sounded surprise to me indeed and they also told me to ship the box and would investigate the case and report me back in 5-7 days. It sucks; since it shouldn't happen at all. I rather have few days waiting at first instead of this.

Anyway, they contacted me again at noon to ask if I could stay at home and wait for DHL guy to pick the system up and they would contact me again about my system within 48 hours. Hell yes, I want my X61 back fast. No way I would decline this. And DHL came by my apartment to get the box as promise.

Yet, I have no clue what will happen next. I could only do hope everything would be alright. Although shipping a wrong unit sucks, very fast process might be able to compensate it. Will see when my case will end.