Live Mesh If you haven't tried or even known what it is, this is a service from Live family of Microsoft again. So far, it's only tech preview which is waiting for necessary features implemented. However, only features available now is very useful already. Basically, Live Mesh is a synchronized service which allows all our desktop and laptop PC, hopefully phone &mac in near future, to have the same share folders. You could even access this folder in the cloud. Along with this service, there is another one which I found it really useful which is Remote Desktop.

my mesh

As you can see, you will have all your PCs around the mesh which tells you which one is online. If it is online, then you could just click connect. That's it; very straight forward remote access. Setup part is a breeze. My sister, who doesn't even know how to turn on Wifi on her notebook, can installed this--by telling her only get into and click 'add device'--without any issue. As a result, I could check and fix her problem while she was in west coast and I was on Atlantic side without a hitch.

Yet another great stuff from Live team you have to check it out.