Centro Blue never looked better, bla bla bla

I do understand that Palm has no creativity anymore, but to release new Color [Electric Blue, Wow!!] of Best-selling device, Centro, in Palm's world on the iPhone 3G day is such a bad idea of all time. Not only does no one care, but no one mentions that there is NEW color of Centro also.

From this price point, $99 w/ 2yr contract, I bet you can guess that this NEW color is tied to ONLY AT&T again. Why bother advertise this? Since you--Palm, Inc.--have Unlocked version for sell, then make it available for all color to boost your little margin, please.

Advertisement: No matter how bad Palm, Inc. is, I think Centro is the fastest smartphone available from Palm. It's really impressive for what they have done comparing to Treo700 and so on. It's just way tooooooo late, IMHO.