new ideas from Logitech still continues. Now it's innovative feature called Clip-and-Go

“To meet the demands associated with increased mobility, the V550 mouse offers a complete set of features to make it easier to use a mouse with a notebook when moving from the kitchen to the living room or from one’s desk to a meeting. Now, you won’t have to choose between grabbing your mouse or a cup of coffee.”

It's real nice idea here. But wait! not only is this new feature, but shape & hyper-fast scrolling are also coming to Vxxx series. In addition, the battery life is extended to 1 and a half year. With the MSRP @59.99. I hope Vx series will be updated to make a distinct pretty soon.

This will hit the store around late this month! Stay tuned!

[via Engadget]

Added [8/17/2008]: the way it hangs on the lid is here and there will be two colors available.

Logitech V550 bottom V550

And this model has been up on Logitech.com already!