All P*lm developers should be aware, P*lm will follow you guys and ask you "politely and forcibly by the power of the law" to drop off "p" word you are using as your trademark or whatsoever.

This is what Dmitry, one of the most talented P*lm OS developers, had faced. As a result, he had to move his web site from [06/07/2005] to to avoid such a confusion (perhaps because P*lm couldn't do any better than him?) and change the SDHC driver to "PlmSDHC" since it has no relation or approval from P*lm [of course, since they DON'T EVEN CARE all predecessors' product]

here is the first post of

Palm Powerups opens

Palm Powerups opens today. This website will offer to you the software needed to make your palm more powerful, usable, interesting, and exciting. The currently available products include UDMH, warpSpeed, skinUI, Picsel Accelerator, and SysNfo. Of course you can expect many more great programs from Palm Powerups in the future, and your ideas are always welcome in the forums

Posted by dmitrygr on Tuesday, June 07 @ 16:50:43 MST (15 reads)
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I haven't seen anything telling he worked at P*lm, just one developer that wanted to make Palm device more powerful! [which is a good thing for them, right? I'm not so sure if P*lm thought the same way]

P*lmRevolt [1/4/2006] and P*lmInsiderPro [03/20/2006] also got a notice and changed the names to pRevolt and ZInsider respectively. I don't know what P*lm think really since all these programs and names has been up *PUBLICLY* for many years ; why now?

"The letters P-A-L-M reflect a prized brand with significant customer awareness and earned loyalty," said Ed Colligan, palmOne president and chief executive officer. "Innovation, power, ease of use, and elegance all are attributes of the brand, and we intend to invest to turn what is a strong name today into a household word synonymous with leadership in mobile computing."

What they are proud of when getting it back from palmsource [$30M -- 3.5 years installments from 5/24/2005]  -- I just realized they haven't paid off it yet! [few more months left =)]

Just putting a note " *** is not affiliated with or endorsed by P*lm Inc in anyway" isn't enough? They support you & they do everything to help you get better product but you just want to destroy that, what a shame! although you have all right to do so. How come you haven't chose more mature way, e.g. releasing policy will effect the software released after this day or something or mentioned this at the first place. Oops I just realize that they probably use Garnet for a long long time without releasing newer OS, so they have to think of such a dated software as well.

It's just plain STUPID. I think the doom day is closer than you think.

Go back to work, P*LM.

update [2 weeks later]: Palm seemed to react to this issue as they should do firstly which is letting continues its name. However, all product names which has this-4-letter-word still need  to abandon their name. I think they ain't busy working Nova enough.