After Kohjinsha SC3 got my attention from its design, it failed me completely when coming to battery life--2 hours or so. Now Viliv, the company I also never heard of, come up with Viliv S7 claiming that it would suck less juice and be able to achieve 7-9 hours on single charge!

Viliv S7

And more importantly its form factor won any of their class, IMHO.

Viliv S7 Viliv S7

Whoa! What an impressive first look from It's Atom-based device, 1GB RAM, 30/60 GB HDD, 7" touch screen, 1024px * 600px, 830g (including battery) I couldn't ask for more.

In fact, I don't believe if this baby could really achieve 7-9 hours life. But by this approximation, I just wish it would get up to 5-hour-battery-life and that would be enough for my need indeed. If the price is right (less than a grand, please), I won't hesitate to grab one.

Stay tuned! this will be out around the beginning of next year. I hope this company could make this dream come true.

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