image This was not my issue until today. I just got my hand on tx2500z and as usual HP provides us tons of good & crap pieces of software. I decided to live with this configuration for a while and see how HP manages on its own image. So that I could review it as it really is out-of-the-box. However, one annoying thing I found so far was Adobe Updater from Acrobat Reader was popping up to download newer version all the time. It was quite a big file, so I could cancel it before it finished. By the way, after restarting it was still showing again and again.

So I needed to fix this so badly. The problem was Adobe Updater didn't have a shortcut available for easy access. You guys might find this after completing first update and be able to disable it. But if you are not that patient, so you have to get into

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Updater5

You will see AdobeUpdater.exe file which oddly have no beautiful icon for even regular size. Seems like Adobe doesn't like us to find this really. When you open this little app, you have to click "Preference" to customize its behavior.

disable adobe updater

Once you uncheck this, Adobe Updater will never bother you no more.