This might be the day Google trying to complete their circle after playing around web applications from the beginning.

Google Chrome is the browser based on AppleWebkit, the core that drives Safari nowadays. It sure is the proved solid browser.

Google Chrome

Now it's only on Windows OS. I could tell that it's surprisingly fast, clean and nice UI. It's also imported all my bookmarks from Firefox without a hitch. I'm pretty sure of that Google will release this on every OSes soon.

Now Google already moves to build its own platform. It just surprises me that they haven't chosen Gecko as their platform after released so many add-ons for it. Probably it is way too many to be able to support them all [and other's too].

However, the only thing that keeps me using Firefox, instead of ie8 and others, is its add-ons!! Will see how Google will react on that issue.

Try here!