It's a weird issue since wouldn't provide their fingerprint software in recovery partition although your system has fingerprint reader. And HP website doesn't good at providing information about it that much. It's intuitive and easy to find drivers enough for Windows, so it won't bother you about missing any. However, after I had tried several times, all drivers and apps available in the product page are not enough to make the machine perform as good as HP factory image. Maybe I miss something? But that should mean HP give me less info too :-P If you have any recommend, please share. I have tx2500z.

Digital Persona Fingerprint Reader Well, anyway, if you are restore your OS back with HP recovery partition or disc, you will not have Fingerprint Software with you and the thing is there are 2 different softwares available from HP; first is Bioscrypt VeriSoft Access Manager and another one is Digital Persona. Frankly you can use both of them--but should be only 1 at a time, ok? I believe that the first one is originally for older system (2007 or before) and the latter one is for newer one. I do recommend the 2nd one, it's really good one. You can even save password for your IM or any programs since its logo would float almost all the time when there is password field show up.

Here is the link for Bioscrypt VeriSoft Access Manager and surely this is for Digital Persona.

Have fun swipe your finger!!

Note: if you are not yet doing restoration/clean installation, don't forget to archive C:\SWSetup. That's all you need--everything, all drivers and apps that you have since the first you got your machine.