Yes, I know I just posted Dell's ones minutes ago. But I can resist sharing this as well. They are so cool and this is the one I'm using right now. Lenovo provide such a good one here on Ideapad U110--a lovely ultraportable notebook. What I'm pretty sure of is you guys all would love this set.

Lenovo_Spring_W lenovo_Summer_W Lenovo_Autumn_W Lenovo_Winter_W Lenovo1_W Lenovo2_W lenovo_Chr1_W lenovo_Chr2_W Lenovo_SF_W

Theme of this set is seasons; first 4 wallpapers are Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Very nice indeed. As usual, you may click on the thumbnail for original size (1920px*1200px.) These are all wide screen version. Believe it or not, Lenovo are so kind to give us full screen version also. If you guys like it, just let me know. I just think that most of you guys all have wide screen monitor, so these are all you need. Unlike me, with my 4:3 screen on the great X61T.