This might be one of dream machines of many people, but as it turned out, it might not be as cool as we were expected from the machine in that price range. Slow speed could be a compromise, but less than 3-hr battery life is just little short. Yes, although Envy 133 comes with cool power adapter, that doesn't justify that we should pack that up in the bag at all time, does it?

I never ever see that in person though and I don't think I will ever see that too :-P However, that doesn't mean that we couldn't use Envy 133 wallpaper!


Here you go, at first I think this could be super cool wallpaper but when I got it, it's kind of so-so, disappointed a bit, but someone might want to have it.

If you guys have this very good looking machine and have extra more wallpaper from it, please share I would love to see that.