It’s just sad that another nationwide brick & mortar store is closed. Although anyone can see this coming, I don’t think they expected to be this fast. News was spreading this morning; they are going to close at the end of today. The rest, from now on, Circuit City will be controlled by the liquidation store—sale? good deal? probably. But the thing is their sale will be final, no warranty of any kind. I don’t know whether it still is a good deal this way. It’s worth to spend time seeing all those left over though. It's only 10% of tag price; not even close to some Circuit City online deal.

The last shot of

Nonetheless, the more important things are how long Best Buy will be the only giant nationwide electronic store. New face coming up or all B&M stores fading away, who know? But now less competitor, less competition. That’s bad for us anyway.

Sooner or later, there surely will be another big store closing. But the question is who? -_-  Now it’s time to move to *local* store, *smaller* business. Thus it will have more stability and reliability.

Yeah!, America. It probably is the right time to realize that you couldn’t control anything although you can print bills as many as you want. Is that relevant, huh? :-P