It has been a rumor for a while; finally it’s up on HP website. Basically it’s just changing from AMD platform to Intel platform. Can it be more exciting? no!

new Media Smart Server

Same old brand chassis with a little new change:-

HP EX485 & EX487 spec

These two new models have only one difference; size of the storage. It’s not even clear whether this Celeron will be dual-core or not since there are 2 possibilities suiting this ambiguous spec.

Celeron 64bit 2GHz

Hope that HP is not that cheap to put single core on this 2 servers since the price of E1400 is only $8 more, but thinking of 65W versus 35W, HP might come up with such a nicely green excuse. Celeron 440 does to job well! Overall, I’m happy to grab EX470 at $260 on black Friday. Only $30 more for new Athlon 64 might be able to gain performance to be on par with these new releases. That is easy. Stay tuned for full review at

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