Due to webOS and Palm’s laziness, they finally confirmed that there would not be any Palm OS powered anymore at an investor conference. I don’t know what you guys think of this, but for me it’s real sad. It’s the only OS I feel comfortable using it as PDA. Although I gave up on Palm OS after getting Treo, I couldn’t find any replacement so far. Windows Mobile? Too complicated. Apple iPhone? Still not the right one for me. Android? haven’t had a real chance to try—G1 is a phone. I just don’t want PDA phone. I don’t need phone to be smart. Phone is just for calling/answering the ring. Indeed, I doubt that webOS would satisfy my need. We’ll see. I hope Pandora could be the one.

Centro is the best Palm OS Phone ever, I can tell, and it IS the last Palm OS powered device. It’s fast like T|T3 or T|C which you couldn’t find from Treo 650/700p/755. It’s just damned too small and far too late to gain a market share. By all mean, Palm OS still has potential to serve all PDA’s need. Palm, however, just left it cold and was not even care die-hard PDA user. I hate you, Palm, Inc!!!

I decided to resurrect my old Palm powered device list and comparison matrix. It didn’t cover all Palm powered device out there—esp. newer than T|T5, I guess. But it should have plenty more than you can imagine--you will see how much I love Palm OS! If the mood is right, I will update one last time. You may check it out below:-

Good bye, Palm OS!