Hotmail w/o ad

As far as I remembered, Hotmail was such a bloated webmail fully loaded with ads, esp. on the top—around 100px height. That is about 15% waste in vertical space. Now, they are gone—and of course, it has changed to as right column instead which is much better considering new screen is wider and wider.Not only eliminating ad at the most disturbing place, but also add supporting for POP3 server for free as well. FYI, it will work with your hotmail, live and msn account too.

POP3 server: (SSL)
Username: Your Live ID
Password: That’s the one only you know
SMTP server: (SSL)
Authentication required: Yes

Nevertheless, Hotmail always provides such a nice alternative for e-mail client anyway and today it’s Windows Live Mail—using HTTP to fetch all stuffs in a secret way. It works flawlessly if you ask me. Is there anyone care about standard {protocol bla bla bla} if what they use works already?

I, myself, prefer to use off-line e-mail client any day with any e-mail, but sometimes without my own computer, webmail is required. Thus, with this update, I see myself accessing more ‘used to be abandoned’ Hotmail account more often I guess.