No offense. I have nothing bad about PayPal to talk about. They have such a great service, but “Contact us” is freaking me out.

paypal - chat bot

I just saw Paypal had chat available—great was what I first thought. When I got into it, it was surprisingly fast. Every responses are too fast to be human. Darn, after 2 conversations, I find out that it’s just a bot, but it’s pretty good, too good to be true. I just thought of Terminator kind of thing. Probably it’s closer than you think. Oh no matter how deep I got into technology, but this idea really freaked me out.

If I were PayPal, I would pull this off. In case you didn’t have enough people, then don’t have it. I just prefer to talk or chat with real person or wait for replied e-mail from real human or it’s just me.

=) I just don’t like it really; you may try talking to *it* here
ps. I gotta watch too much science fiction lately :-(