I don’t know if you guys have experienced this issue or not, but I have faced this several times by now. Unauthorized transactions magically appeared on my PayPal—oddly, I used many cards, but only PayPal one that has this issue. First time it was about half a year ago, 2 strange transactions buying some service from some unknown websites—about $150 in total—were authorized under my card. I contacted PayPal in sudden, mailed an affidavit form and waited about 2 weeks to get $ back. It was not that bad since we all know that we would get $$ back anyway. However, if we haven’t checked, that’s what we are going to lose.

Again, few days ago I got an unauthorized transaction from Square Enix, playonline.com, as shown below.

SQUARE ENIX PLAY ONLINE unauthorized charge 

I never heard of this merchant before, so I dag for more info a bit. As a result, it was game online website. Some of kids in there probably needed $$ so badly since I’m not the only one who had the issue #1 #2 (same day & amount as mine too!), and a lot more. Thus they have to find the illegal way to satisfy their need. I honestly have no clue how my info was leak yet, but at least, this should be a good warn for everyone—check your transaction thoroughly before you will be the next victim.