200903230021I am not exactly sure how good it would be, but its official price tag is as low as I ever see—900 yuan (around $130) That price was on smartdevice.com.cn press release, so it should be reliable enough although it might hike up a bit when across the ocean to the US, but it should be under $200 anyway!

Look at the spec you’ll get from $130:-
- 4.3" 800x480 capacitive touch screen
- SDHC support
- Wifi A/B/G/N
- Bluetooth with phone tethering support
- USB 2.0 host with full OTG driver stack and support for USB ethernet, 3g modems, and GPS. USB gamepads, as well
- Dimension: 120 * 74 * 14mm
- CPU: Samsung ARM11 S3C6410 667MHz
- browser: WebKit [here]

SmartQ Q5 - WebKit

This ARM CPU has quite good feature, MPEG4 codec, h.264 codec, OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0 (datasheet) From the spec and price tag, I wonder how they can make this cheap. I hope it would be available pretty soon. I would give it a try indeed.

There are also applications for Q5 already; as far as I know, SDK will be available right after this product releases officially. It looks promising and it indeed makes MID much more interesting than “Intel” MID. I hope this would give a new low-cost trend for all MID in the future as well.

SmartQ Q5 - media player SmartQ Q5 - e-mail client

Check it out smartdevice.com.cn & more screenshot at mp4nation.net