Always InnovatingAfter waiting for Viliv S7 for too long, as usual things go fast in semiconductor world and that is even faster on mobile computing. Today, upcoming ideal machine is coming. Close enough to all netbooks’ buzz with 8.9” screen; but if you may know Intel Atom which is considerably low power consumption on x86 world, it’s still by far to ARM CPU. Oh, yeah ARM on your mobile, PDA, or whatsoever is improving a lot lately. You will see ARM coming more and more I bet.

Touch book The specifications of Touch Book

  • 9.4" x 7" x 1.4" for 2 lbs (with keyboard)
  • ARM Texas Instruments OMAP3 chip 600MHz
  • 1024x600 8.9'' screen
  • Storage: 8GB micro SD card
  • Wifi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth
  • 3-dimensional accelerometer
  • Speakers, micro and headphone
  • 6 USB 2.0 (3 internal, 2 external, 1 mini)
  • 10h to 15 hours of battery life

That looks like netbook, right? Look closer in variety of view:-

touch book -- always innovating touch book -- always innovating touch book -- always innovating touch book -- always innovating touch book -- always innovating

Screen is completely detachable and works like a slate tablet PC. That reminds me of HP Compaq Tablet PC TC1000, hybrid tablet pc one. Although Touch Book is sort of  low power comparing to netbook or any UMPC, with $299 (or $399 w/ keyboard) price tag, it’s hard to beat. 10-hour battery life with no sleep/shutdown hassle—that looks like huge PDA replacement for me =)

Stay tuned!! I might have a chance to get this for review later on if Pandora will not be released anytime soon hahaha.

Check out more info or *PRE-ORDER* @ & First hand-on by Gizmodo—over there there are such a nice set of photo and clip when Touch book ran. I think it’s quite impressive. If you ask me, I will take this over Viliv S7 I have waited for a while since battery life is more important than performance due to my usage.

Touch book - Internal USB portOh I forget to mention internal USB port it features! Kind of very cool idea! Instead of hanging USB dongle outside, why don’t we put them inside the chassis??

haha Logitech, with their nano receiver, might not think it’s cool though =)