Although I don’t use IE8 that much, it’s good to see how to implement adblock in IE. You will see it work like a charm as you experienced with Adblock plus on Firefox. It’s actually a feature in InPrivate mode (aka. porn mode) called Private Filtering. You may add rule yourself, but anony101 from did the list for you to import easily.

How to:-
1. Enter InPrivate mode in IE8 (Ctrl + Shift + P)
2. Menu: Safety | InPrivate Filtering Settings
3. Get into Advanced Settings
4. Then import this file "rules.xml"

You are now good to go! You will find that ad is gone in InPrivate mode. However, how about normal mode? All ads still there. If you like to enable this feature, you gotta get yourself into Registry Editor.

1. Start | Run "regedit”
2. Add “DWORD 32-bit” entry named StartMode with value 1 as shown below.

IE8: Enable InPrivate Filtering

Start your IE again, you will see InPrivate Filtering Feature is on and available in normal mode too. You can always disable and enable at all time or by shortcut Ctrl + Shift + F

Well, it works =) Happy surfing without any extra stuff.