Since the earlier prototype didn’t look that good, recently there are some leaked photos of new one, probably the final product including the box. It comes in many colors as well.

They look pretty good, don’t they? TechCrunch came to talk later about the detail that it is still the same idea they want at first—dead simple web tablet. Spec is still unclear, but it is 12” touch screen equipped with camera, speaker, microphone, 1*USB port, audio ports. That’s it and it's probably powered by Intel Atom or VIA Nano. These two won’t make anything different anyway. One more thing is price. They mentioned that less than $250 is the cost. $300 could be the price for sell. How does it look to you? Will you like to try?

For me, 12” might be a bit too big for me. Also battery life is a deal breaker. We’ll see how it turns out pretty soon

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