Well, fonts are the weakest link in Linux in my opinion. Sharpness, crispness, or smoothness are just not right. That’s most likely to be the reason why Linux never gains that much user like Windows or even Mac in desktop environment.

Besides using package manager which is truly find and click, when you are going to add fonts in Linux by yourself, you should put in fontpath. They are in /usr/share/fonts or /usr/local/share/fonts or ~/.fonts/ then what you have to do is copying.

$ cp *.ttf ~/.fonts/

At this point, it will not notice the change yet. New fonts will not be visible. You have to run command, to update and rebuild its of fonts first.

$ fc-cache

That would be it. However, if you decide to put fonts in somewhere else, you have to edit ‘fonts.conf’ to add font directory in the list as well.

$ vi /etc/fonts/fonts.conf

Where <!--- font directory list –> is by adding


Then rebuild the list and restart x (easiest way is Ctrl + Alt + Backspace). At this point, all fonts will be available to use =) Anyway, I still don’t think font smoothing or crispness in Linux is good enough so far. If that day comes, I bet Linux will outpace Mac and Windows in desktop environment surely.