System Update -- Shut down temporarily

Although all ThinkVantage softwares are likely to be just redundancy from Windows stock, System Update is one of the best ThinkVantage software provided for Thinkpad. It basically automatically finds all necessary drivers and apps (of course within ThinkVantage suite) that need to be updated or installed and set all we want up by single-click. It works on and off sometimes but, 70%-80% chance, this helps save quite a lot of time spending on IBM support site. I don’t blame their unorganized site by any mean since there are tons of update every week. It’s just hard to be that organize and up-to-date at the same time.

By the way, I COULD NOT UPDATE ANYTHING with System UPDATE recently. What they tell us is only this pop-up?!? Well, May is coming—tomorrow!!. I hope it would turn out to be something very good for us, Lenovo!!! Don’t just refresh new UI like all new ThinkVantage but only a few improvement then. I don’t care if that looks cool; I want it to work well.

I’m PC Ad: I’m not cool enough to be Mac. That’s why I’m using Thinkpad, perhaps LOL