I don’t know if anyone feel like I do, but I prefer UPS to FedEx any day! Well, there is nothing wrong with FedEx though. It’s just funny to know that they define the service differently practically—I have no clue what they mean literally anyway.

From my experience, UPS 3-day service means the box needs full 3-day time to propagate from west coast to east coast and vice versa. If the destination is shorter than that, it will take less time. simple idea, isn’t it? For example, from shipping from NJ to NY takes only 1 day.

UPS - NJ to NY

If shipping from NJ to NH, take 2 days.

UPS - NJ to NH 

However, FedEx defines 2-day 3-day service differently. What they really mean is no matter how far the package goes it will take time as you choose. For 2-day shipping, it takes 2-day for either shipping from west coast to east coast or vice versa or even NJ to NY. Unfortunately, but true. In case of NJ to NY, they probably decide that it will be wrong if they ship sooner than customer wants, then they just leave stuff in warehouse, let it relax a bit.

FedEx - NJ to NY

I can’t say that FedEx is worse than UPS though. They both achieve the goal, with a bit different approach =) Nonetheless, what I would love to know is what either UPS or FedEx will compensate if they can’t make it deliver on time? things went to wrong route, for example. I had that once in a while, but for such a small claim like this. Would they compensate anything for what they promise? If anyone has any experience about this, please share since they (and I too) never seems to care in my cases.