I don’t know if you guys know about this or not, but what I first thought is ThinkVantage System Update was temporarily dropped service due to update or whatever. It' was turned out to be Lenovo decided to cut TVSU out of ThinkVantage Suite due to the maintenance cost.

However, System Update made its way back by tons of requests. I’m really happy to see it back and it works just fine with Win7 (which I don’t have complete set of ThinkVantage software such as Fingerprint and Active Protection System) but CSS still doesn’t get along with clean install Win7. Oddly upgrading Win7 from Vista, CSS works flawlessly!

TVSU on Windows 7 

This can be either the way to waste Lenovo’s bandwidth or it’s the way to keep the crowd with Thinkpad. But the bottom line is happy customers. You are on the right track, Lenovo!

Download TVSU 3.14.0024