No more free version The thing is I want to move all e-mails from one of my domains to Google Apps. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t offer free edition (or standard edition), which is allowing up to 50 users only, anymore. After finding for the link for Google Apps standard edition for a while, I just found out that Google started moving Apps, GMail, docs, etc. to be paid service only.

Not like Google at all huh? I started wonder whether Google will force everyone paying for used-to-be-free service or not although Google said that it was free before.

However, in this transient state, you still are able to signup for Google Apps: standard edition by this link. It works now. I don’t know how long this link is going to last though and more importantly, how long this free Google Apps lasts. If you are using it, just backing up all your mail data more often. That should do it! =) I just hope that Google would honor free edition as they claimed when we signed up. No new features? that’s not a problem. For me, GMail engine solely is the factor here. I bet most users are the same.