login screen win7 If you are sick of vanilla login screen background, there is a way to change =) You have to tweak in registry a bit though, Microsoft just made it easy for OEM partner only :-P

First of all, you have to prepare your new background. Crop your image to 1:1 to your screen resolution. The catch is you should save your image not to be larger than 256kB. You might think it turns to crap one, but believe me that’s good enough =)

After getting an image you want, rename it to “backgroundDefault.jpg”. Then copy to the folder


in case it doesn’t exist, create your own.

Secondly, enable the background in Registry, by getting into “regedit”


regedit - OEMBackground

Create new key DWORD 32-bit, value 1 (1 as enable, 0 as disable) Also, if any of these doesn’t exist, create your own =)

That is it!, you may lock the computer and appreciate your personal login screen. Make your PC personal again!! lol