I was a short-period Evernote user after OneNote took over by all features and everything many years ago. However, once I moved to Mac OSX, I had yet to find a right tool as OneNote alternative. Although VMWare Fusion 4 has been improved over the years, why on Earth I have to keep Windows running wasting my memory at all time.

I tried a lot of alternatives: OneNote on VMWare Fusion — Unity view of course, MarsEdit,OmnifocusCircusponies NotebookJournlerMacJournal, Springpad (webapp), Catch (webapp.) As a result, MacJournal it was by its simplicity for months. However, lacking of synchronization sucked big time, esp. with all mobile devices. Then there was an underdog option showing up again. Evernote. At least this piece of software was built with cloudsync in mind.

Well, this time, after couple years w/o using EverNote, I could say that it’s been vastly improved. It’s still far from OneNote counterpart, but this is all you can get on OSX. The question left is how to move all data in MacJournal to Evernote?

Like everybody else. I googled for a solution; I found a script which gave me an error, at least for me. Suddenly I thought of why we have to complicate life this much. So I decided to select all my journal entry, drag them all and drop into Evernote!

Boom! it works! way too easy, right? it works beautifully also. Evernote will show up tons of windows when it completely grabs each journal, but you can always wait a bit and close them all at once with cmd+q. After reopening Evernote, you would more than happy.

note: downside — tag doesn’t come along, but there is always a search, right?