Ubuntu Edge

If you never heard of it, you should go check out at indiegogo.com. Basically it's a canonical team effort to build up their own mobile OS game. How does 4.5" screen, 4GB RAM & 128GB storage (in May 2014) sound to you? Not to mention, HDMI output acting like your Ubuntu desktop -- which is the one I hope they would get it done right. After all, though it looks good and/or sounds great, all we can hope so far is Edge will be up to people's expectation. IMHO, I don't particularly like what they've done with Ubuntu Unity. (I much prefer Cinnamon when it comes to GUI.) Maybe, this might lure me to Ubuntu. If not, rolling back to Android (AOSP) which is officially supported is an option.

$32M isn't that easy to reach, but roughly 40,000 Ubuntu Edges in a wild if this happens. Who knows? It might change mobile space entirely.

ps. I had never backed any Indiegogo project before this one. You might like to know that they do work quite different to Kickstarter. They took your money upfront, unlike Kickstarter. I don't know if I like the idea, but heck, I put my faith into many things already. Why not this one, right?