Unmaintained WordPress tends to get tons of spam comments regardless of how you do it. However, today, it’s a weird day.

I got a request from one of spammers that the links they put on my mom’s blog was hurting them. So I checked that out. I didn’t even remember the password since it wasn’t maintained and my mom apparently hasn’t blogged for many years already.

This is what I’ve found. The same IP addresses have spammed not only to this web site, but another as well. I suspected this firm did hire spammers for SEO or whatever, but now it’s damage control phase, huh? I have no clue what they are trying to do here since comment section on my mom’s blog isn’t even reachable. I migrated to Disqus years ago.

The question was why the heck would I care? It sounds to me like he wants me to clean up his shit he dumped on my porch. If anyone has this sorta experience, please enlighten me.