The change arrived. 10ninox blog turned into pretty minimal web pages. It was a bit harder on user’s side since there was nothing such as tag link, month page, search, and so on, but posts remained the same: URL, content.

10ninox’s blog started by using WordPress, but over the past years, I haven’t been actively blogging and I did a lot more on coding side. Consequently, I figured out that I should have just turned the blog into an easier and cheaper process on my part. Nowadays, I prefered doing anything in text file; working in terminal; pushing stuffs from there to logging in to WordPress–previewing and publishing from there. Jekyll was one of the obvious choices. Why I picked Jekyll over anything? I didn’t know if there was anything better. I tried to find Jekyll alternative in Python, but no success. Jekyll was okay with markdown and I was comfortable with it. Since I didn’t code in Ruby, I was seemingly blind to configure in any way, but basic. Hopefully, one day, I would get around to work on that, but so far, this worked with only nginx and cheap VM and I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks to Jekyll, Disqus, git, and nginx to make this possible.