• Bing – re-badge Live Search

    introducingb__g This is definitely not the breaking news. Microsoft just decided to change the word, Live, to “Bing” I don’t know if Bing is so much better word or anything. Will Live suite which is great change its name to Bing suite as well? They claimed that Bing uses new algorithm or whatever to achieve better performance; we probably don’t care either. What we care is whether “our keyword” can generate the result we want or not.


    After trying for a while, I don’t see anything much interesting or persuasive enough to convince me that it’s much more than a re-brand & putting useless features like category, search history. I honestly don’t know if you feel the same way, to me, search is built to destroy any classified, categorized data since if you do arrange stuffs neatly, you don’t need search, but if you do need “search, “ then you have no need of organizing them [that includes others’ stuffs which is categorized in the different ways of your brain]

    In short, if Bing couldn’t change attitude about putting more and more bots for much larger coverage, like Google, and try to get most out of those huge database, they are not going to be even close to the first choice. Don’t think Google is the only competitor here. Yahoo, which gives the results much different than Google, might be much better alternative to Google rather than old archive search like Bing.

    ps. I really feel sorry for Microsoft that they have soo much potential in every ways, but they couldn’t come up with the ace solution to the market. They might need to re-organize or something to aim their goals much more efficient. For instance, if they happen to amalgamate all E-mail clients’ teams such as Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Outlook 2007, into only 1 e-mail client—might be 2 sub-divisions: web-based & desktop-based. I believe they can have GMail-equivalent easily. But, they are dividing into small groups to achieve in everything as far as the products go. Consequently they just divide themselves… and think of it as a good plan. Hurr what a waste..

  • Panda Cloud Antivirus – simple & awesome

    Panda Cloud Antivirus Report

    Anyone that knows me knows that I don’t care having antivirus on my PC since most of the time you know how virus get into your computer. Network?, flash drive? or whatsoever. If it’s severe one, there is always a separate tool to check and kill it. That’s the way I choose.

    However, with some of my wrack nerving clients, they just prefer to have something make them feel more secure although that’s slow them down. Most of the time, I recommend free one such as AVG, Comodo, etc. These anti-viruses works pretty well according to many people, but after a while, I still have to do cleaning up all infected PC with all free or paid tool installed. What the heck? What do they do really? Don’t they have recent virus signature? I don’t know. Signature/definition update issue might be one of them.

    Recently I found our that Panda Could Antivirus, it’s still BETA last time I check, and it will likely to be free. What distinguish this antivirus from others is they loading definition on-the-fly while scanning. I am not sure if they send some info to the server for scanning or just downloading new signature, but it works to me. This can kill the hidden virus that Comodo Antivirus (installed) can’t in only 1st times of full scan. I don’t think they do on-access stuff which is good, no waste resource. You can just go do full scan once in a while. That should do the trick.

    It, nonetheless, has a cons as well. It does take forever at 99%, but it is known issue and should be fixed in next release. Go check it out! at Panda Cloud Antivirus

    ps. I still stop it all the time on my system unless I really want to scan anything =) This way works for me. It left only 1MB or so while turning off and about the same while on, but will consume like regular apps (20MB+) while scanning =)

    added 2009-05-15: my worst fear happened. Panda deleted almost any of my tools, e.g. Cain and Abel and all kind of that stuff -_- darn it. That's why I never like having Antivirus on my machine :'(

  • FedEx 2-day vs UPS 3-day shipping

    I don’t know if anyone feel like I do, but I prefer UPS to FedEx any day! Well, there is nothing wrong with FedEx though. It’s just funny to know that they define the service differently practically—I have no clue what they mean literally anyway.

    From my experience, UPS 3-day service means the box needs full 3-day time to propagate from west coast to east coast and vice versa. If the destination is shorter than that, it will take less time. simple idea, isn’t it? For example, from shipping from NJ to NY takes only 1 day.

    UPS - NJ to NY

    If shipping from NJ to NH, take 2 days.

    UPS - NJ to NH 

    However, FedEx defines 2-day 3-day service differently. What they really mean is no matter how far the package goes it will take time as you choose. For 2-day shipping, it takes 2-day for either shipping from west coast to east coast or vice versa or even NJ to NY. Unfortunately, but true. In case of NJ to NY, they probably decide that it will be wrong if they ship sooner than customer wants, then they just leave stuff in warehouse, let it relax a bit.

    FedEx - NJ to NY

    I can’t say that FedEx is worse than UPS though. They both achieve the goal, with a bit different approach =) Nonetheless, what I would love to know is what either UPS or FedEx will compensate if they can’t make it deliver on time? things went to wrong route, for example. I had that once in a while, but for such a small claim like this. Would they compensate anything for what they promise? If anyone has any experience about this, please share since they (and I too) never seems to care in my cases.

  • ThinkVantage System Update – big UPDATE coming??

    System Update -- Shut down temporarily

    Although all ThinkVantage softwares are likely to be just redundancy from Windows stock, System Update is one of the best ThinkVantage software provided for Thinkpad. It basically automatically finds all necessary drivers and apps (of course within ThinkVantage suite) that need to be updated or installed and set all we want up by single-click. It works on and off sometimes but, 70%-80% chance, this helps save quite a lot of time spending on IBM support site. I don’t blame their unorganized site by any mean since there are tons of update every week. It’s just hard to be that organize and up-to-date at the same time.

    By the way, I COULD NOT UPDATE ANYTHING with System UPDATE recently. What they tell us is only this pop-up?!? Well, May is coming—tomorrow!!. I hope it would turn out to be something very good for us, Lenovo!!! Don’t just refresh new UI like all new ThinkVantage but only a few improvement then. I don’t care if that looks cool; I want it to work well.

    I’m PC Ad: I’m not cool enough to be Mac. That’s why I’m using Thinkpad, perhaps LOL

  • Windows Media Player in IE keeps saying ready, but doesn't play

    While most video streaming web sites have moved to flash based, some stuck with WMP. Then the problem is likely to be more complicated than just installing newer version. If you have the problem like no video & audio, but it says buffering then “ready”, then the way that might help is forcing WMP to use HTTP protocol only and all multicast by following procedures.

    1. open WMP
    2. Menu: tools > options (if you can find it, click "alt" on the keyboard)
    3. Tab: Network

    WMP network setting
        uncheck RTSP/*, but  leave HTTP checked under protocol section
        check "allow to receive multicast stream" below.
    4. Done!

    happy watching whatever you want =)

    Note: if you are one of Thaitv.tv followers and have this issue, this definitely helps.