• PayPal is too smart or too cheap?

    No offense. I have nothing bad about PayPal to talk about. They have such a great service, but “Contact us” is freaking me out.

    paypal - chat bot

    I just saw Paypal had chat available—great was what I first thought. When I got into it, it was surprisingly fast. Every responses are too fast to be human. Darn, after 2 conversations, I find out that it’s just a bot, but it’s pretty good, too good to be true. I just thought of Terminator kind of thing. Probably it’s closer than you think. Oh no matter how deep I got into technology, but this idea really freaked me out.

    If I were PayPal, I would pull this off. In case you didn’t have enough people, then don’t have it. I just prefer to talk or chat with real person or wait for replied e-mail from real human or it’s just me.

    =) I just don’t like it really; you may try talking to *it* here
    ps. I gotta watch too much science fiction lately :-(

  • SmartQ Q5 – the most affordable MID in town!

    200903230021I am not exactly sure how good it would be, but its official price tag is as low as I ever see—900 yuan (around $130) That price was on smartdevice.com.cn press release, so it should be reliable enough although it might hike up a bit when across the ocean to the US, but it should be under $200 anyway!

    Look at the spec you’ll get from $130:-
    - 4.3" 800x480 capacitive touch screen
    - SDHC support
    - Wifi A/B/G/N
    - Bluetooth with phone tethering support
    - USB 2.0 host with full OTG driver stack and support for USB ethernet, 3g modems, and GPS. USB gamepads, as well
    - Dimension: 120 * 74 * 14mm
    - CPU: Samsung ARM11 S3C6410 667MHz
    - 128MB DDR RAM
    - browser: WebKit [here]

    SmartQ Q5 - WebKit

    This ARM CPU has quite good feature, MPEG4 codec, h.264 codec, OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0 (datasheet) From the spec and price tag, I wonder how they can make this cheap. I hope it would be available pretty soon. I would give it a try indeed.

    There are also applications for Q5 already; as far as I know, SDK will be available right after this product releases officially. It looks promising and it indeed makes MID much more interesting than “Intel” MID. I hope this would give a new low-cost trend for all MID in the future as well.

    SmartQ Q5 - media player SmartQ Q5 - e-mail client

    Check it out smartdevice.com.cn & more screenshot at mp4nation.net

  • JavaScript playground: anything possible

    I couldn’t believe it can do such a capability. Yes, the one pushing JavaScript to limit is not anyone, but Google and at http://www.chromeexperiments.com/ there are a lot of experiments that you don’t even dream of its possibility.

    nyguys This NY guys are speaking because of you. This one is real fun to play with.
    bouncingball Bouncing ball through many windows. What a cool thing!! I couldn’t stop throwing the ball again and again :-D

    Yeah, they mostly work on every new browsers because of intensive JavaScript. Just don’t expect to play on this playground if you are running with ie6 or something like that =)

    Anything is possible and indeed fun @ Chrome Experiments.

  • ie8 released finally


    Although I’m Firefox user, I don’t deny ie8 still the first choice for many folks. Now it’s eventually out of RC. I honestly don’t know if there are any change much.

    After trying for a while, there is InPrivate Filtering feature which I still can’t figure out what it is for. Developer tools also is really nice, but I still like to see adblock plus kind of thing, but it probably won’t be real anytime soon. One thing I could tell so far is it’s *much faster*. For example, when ctrl + t in the past, it will be few seconds lag before new tab will be usable. However, this final release does the job; open new tab instantly. That’s good enough for second web browser to me =)

    Update yours at http://www.microsoft.com/windows/internet-explorer/default.aspx

  • Fennec – ready to try


    Fennec – Firefox mobile if you say – is ready to try on almost every platform: Maemo, Windowns, Mac OSX, Linux. It’s basically the binary files, ready to run.

     Fennec -- browser tab [left bar] Fennec -- Navigator[right bar]

    It’s really nice interface for touch environment if you ask me, really clean, pretty nice for small screen device like Nokia N8xx – Maemo platform. I’m really happy to see another good browser engine on mobile device, besides WebKit.

    Give it a try if you have <7” device, here, otherwise, you won’t find any advantage of Fennec over Firefox ;-P