• For whom you need more screen-estate, dual 15.4”

    gScreenIt’s symmetric dual screen unlike Thinkpad W700ds, you may like to know the spec:-

    gScreen G400 15.4-inch Specs:
    > 2 - 15.4-inch LED - backlit display screens
    > Windows VISTA w/ WIN XP PRO
    > Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz T9600 or P8400 2.26-GHz
    > 4 - 8 GB of RAM
    > 160GB - 500GB 7200-rpm HD
    > NVIDIA® Quadro FX 2700M Graphics with 512MB dedicated memory
    NVIDIA® GeForce® 9800M GT with 512MB dedicated memory
    > Ports: USB 2.0 (x6), VGA, Display Port, RJ-45, Audio, Firewire 1394 Powered 6-pin
    > 6 and 9-cell battery available
    > Starting at 7.7 lbs.

    There is no word on screen resolution, but I bet it’s going to be 1280*800 each? gScreen will be available for any customer on Feb 25, 2009 on Amazon.com. It will be 13” and/or 17” next later late this year depending on how popular 15.4” model will be I guess. Also, there will be rugged version of this huge screen laptop for US NAVY. Still no clue if it will be available to consumer or not though.Looking forward to seeing more variation of laptop besides netbook evolution this year!!

    visit gScreenCorp.com for upcoming update.

  • Virtual CD for Windows 7

    If you guys have tried Windows 7 + one of virtual cd, you probably have this problem—frozen explorer after resuming out of sleep.

    Alcohol 120%, MagicISO, PowerISO, Daemon, or Virtual CloneDrive; They all have this symptom. However, Slysoft developers working on Virtual CloneDrive has released newest BETA, version beta, which is working quite well with Windows 7. It’s free, it’s great so far.

    Check it out here or download directly.

  • Pixlr – online Photoshop-like


    I’m not a fan of online apps but I need to share this. Nothing much to say; incredibly fast, nice  with a lot of features. I couldn’t believe it’s this fast; I bet it’s going to be such a important tool while being on-the-go or just doing something quick. You could save as either JPEG or PNG. Very impressive!!

    Kudos to Pixlr team!

    Try out by yourself! It’s really masterpiece of online apps.

    Pixlr.com or get in to image editor directly

  • Does defragmentation really help?

    I was not defragmentation believer that much until using Outlook for a while and most of Outlook users would know how darned slow it is. I usually have to wait about >30s to be able to open the mail otherwise Outlook will freeze for 5 sec or so.

    Now—since my machine has done disk defrag, now I could use Outlook as fast as Thunderbird [might not that fast, but waiting few sec comparing to a min is fantastic.] Ohh my god! it’s really helping. My outlook databases (3*IMAP) are about 800MB, 500MB and 200MB. FYI, whole defrag process is about 5 min or so for my 120GB with about 50% free of space.

    I don’t know which one is the best, but I can say that Auslogics Disk Defrag is worth checking out. It’s free and fast, enough huh? If you have any advice, I would love to hear.

  • New HP Home server EX485 & 487 are up

    It has been a rumor for a while; finally it’s up on HP website. Basically it’s just changing from AMD platform to Intel platform. Can it be more exciting? no!

    new Media Smart Server

    Same old brand chassis with a little new change:-

    HP EX485 & EX487 spec

    These two new models have only one difference; size of the storage. It’s not even clear whether this Celeron will be dual-core or not since there are 2 possibilities suiting this ambiguous spec.

    Celeron 64bit 2GHz

    Hope that HP is not that cheap to put single core on this 2 servers since the price of E1400 is only $8 more, but thinking of 65W versus 35W, HP might come up with such a nicely green excuse. Celeron 440 does to job well! Overall, I’m happy to grab EX470 at $260 on black Friday. Only $30 more for new Athlon 64 might be able to gain performance to be on par with these new releases. That is easy. Stay tuned for full review at myCapsules.com.

    read EX485 review @wegotserved.co.uk