• FileZilla and IIS FTP server != Failed

    FileZilla Err: Failed to retrieve directory listingThis was the problem that I couldn't solve in the past with IIS FTP server. Then I gave up using IIS and turned to FileZilla Server instead. Unfortunately, I have to use IIS FTP server again and this time I have no choice of migrating to others. Well, after figuring out for a while, I found that the reason why FileZilla couldn't retrieve directory listing is Windows Firewall is blocking its request. Since FileZilla uses passive mode as a default, it need to initiates data connection to random port which > 1023 and specified by server. Here, the problem occurs; Windows Firewall blocked anything if they are not in the exception. That's why we have such a delay before Error occurs in FileZilla.

    Well, the easiest solution here is forcing FileZilla to use 'active transfer mode' instead. Thus, client (FileZilla client) will not have to initiate data connection. It's server's job to do so. In brief, firewall is not a problem no more here and we are happy using FTP although it's not that secure protocol, but gets the job done quite well.

    FileZilla Active Transfer Mode

    Alternatively, we could get passive transfer mode work here too, but we need to open so many ports [of course, it's random] waiting for initiation from clients. We could specify the range by command:-

    C:\Inetpub\AdminScript\adsutil.vbs /MSFTPSVC/PassivePortRange "8400-8420"

    Then add exception for all those ports (8400-8420 as example above). I just don't think it's a good way to add too many exceptions to firewall :-P It's just a choice; choose what suits best to yours.

  • How to configure ftpd -- proftpd

    I'm planing to write Unix 101 -- beginner for beginner. Since I started getting into shell much more than GUI, I liked how simple Unix is. However, I'm no pro as Unix user; Thus, I probably have an idea what Unix 101 should be like much more than reading through Unix manual indeed.

    By the way, after trying Windows Server 2008 standard for a month or so, I found that there were too many hassles involved. It was good to have GUI or wizard to walk through but sometimes it just gave us more confuse. Believe it or not, I can't even get FTP server on IIS work properly :-( Although the alternative, like FileZilla server, works flawlessly, it's just not right using 3rd party while using server edition and that's already equipped with FTP server. It's just like using Apache HTTPd on Windows server; why just use IIS or just change to Linux box for good =)

    So I choose to have less complicated way--Ubuntu. Well, the reason why I choose Ubuntu is nothing but easiest. In Ubuntu server 8.10, there is no ftpd by default for whatever reason. So adding one of them is a must. Because There are many many choices, I don't know what is good too. I just choose proftpd and I find that's easy to configure. That's simple.

    Firstly, install it! -- remember this is Ubuntu--it's debian. Your distro might use something else, but that differs when installing only.

    $ sudo apt-get install proftpd

    Done with ftpd installation. That's easy, isn't it? Then we have to do configuration, briefly we have to:-

    1. manage user
    2. edit proftpd.conf
    3. start/restart proftpd

    For managing user, you might use the same account in OS, so that you don't have to do a thing in this step, but if you want to use isolated user for extra security (?!?), go for it.

    useradd [ -u uid ][ -g gid ][ -G gid [,gid,.. ]][ -d dir ][ -m ][ -s shell ][ -c comment ] loginname

    You could just have only parameter you want, then the rest would be default value

    $ sudo useradd -d /home/ftp ftpuser

    $ sudo passwd ftpuser //for creating password for ftpuser

    For configuring our ftpd, here is  the most important part--editing /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf. In my case, I have login thru ssh, so no GUI no gedit no mousepad, nano is my first choice of text-editor here. You guys might us different one as you like.

    $ sudo nano /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf

    what you need to configure basicly are the following:-

    ServerName            "10nas" 
      ServerType            standalone 
      # Set the user & group server 
      # normally runs at. 
      User                nobody 
      Group                nogroup 
      # Set default root as a NAS 
      DefaultRoot /mnt/nas 
      # This is for keeping FTP user
      # inside DefaultRoot only! 
      DefaultRoot ~ 
      # Valid Logins 
      <Limit LOGIN> 
      AllowUser x1 
      AllowUser x2 
      AllowUser x3 
     AllowUser x4 
      MaxLoginAttempts 3 
      # well, <Directory> /mnt/nas> looks weird,
      # but it's not a typo! 
      <Directory> /mnt/nas/> 
      # This is basic security for initial 
      # file permission
      Umask 022 022 
      AllowOverwrite on 
          <Limit ALL> 
          Order Allow,Deny 
          AllowUser x1 
          AllowUser x2 
          AllowUser x3 
          AllowUser x4 
          Deny ALL 

    Commands to start/stop/restart the service is similar to any service

    $ sudo /etc/init.d/proftpd start
    $ sudo /etc/init.d/proftpd stop
    $ sudo /etc/init.d/proftpd restart

    Well, this should be enough for setting up basic FTP server securely. =)

  • Major Rebate Processor Files for Bankruptcy

    Well, as you may know, in the US, there is a strange way to have such a cheap deal, MIR -- Mail-In Rebate. Stores aren't likely to give you an instant discount to make a real good deal, so mail-in rebate is for filling that missing link. Basicly, when you buy stuffs, you have to cut off UPC, barcode on the box, to make sure that you cannot return, fill out the form, and mail all these to a company--rebate processor company. Then, wait. Some companies take only about a month, some companies take almost 4 months--believe me, that happened to me once. However, average wait time is about 2 months or so. It's mostly just wait (and pain arguing about denial of rebate.)  Nowadays, you might have to be aware much more than that!!

    With the period of US economy collapsing, many companies are gone. Customers spend less, things get more expensive. What the heck we can do about that? Nothing =) Just be alert for cheap deal, spend money as efficient as we can. Most of good deal online or in store come with rebate, it usually has only a question that how long we will get our money back. Nonetheless, now you might have to ask whether we will ever get our money back!! Surely, you are not likely to get rebate from store that use this rebate processor since it filed for bankruptcy!! The answer is uncertainty that you will get or not. If lucky, everything will work out well. If not, no one could help you either. Sue? yes, you can but for $40, $80, or $100? will you?

    Anyway, in case you are in the US and you have tons of waiting MIR list. You may like to know this--the companies that use this rebate processor:-

    ADVANCE AUTO PARTS (Parts America?)
    ANTEC - Called Antec and they are having problems. Said not to cash ! Antec CSR number 1-800-222-6832, Press 1
    ArchBrook Laguna (Magellan Refurbished Rebate from Pep Boys)
    BIC CORPORATION US - Shaver Division
    BFG Tech - Told me to Call Rebate Status. Will re-email on Monday
    http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controller?act=StandardDisplayAct&fcategoryid=2587&keycode=important_rebate_info edit atene
    COSTCO (COSTCO email says don't cash at bank, take it to a COSTCO and they will CASH it. If you prefer to receive by mail call 1-866-355-3137)
    LOGITECH (Called toll-free number Nov. 14, spoke with CSR. CSR said my check was good to cash. Not sure of others.)
    NATURE'S EARTH (cat litter)
    NEWEGG (certain products have rebates from newegg directly e.g. TATUNG, ROSEWILL)
    PC TOOLS --> Phone: (866) 431-5087
    PRICEGRABBER - Don't Cash Check (Even older ones you haven't cashed in yet)! Will Send out New Rebate Check Directly
    RUSTOLEUM - Menard's July $4 Door Paint Rebate (Contact Rustoleum directly @ 1-800-323-3584)
    SPOT (Satellite beacon)
    TRENDNET - Don't cash check; make a copy and mail the original check to
    TRENDnet headquarters (can be found at trendnet.com along with a printout of email regarding this issue. ) New check will be issued.

    Well, that's a long list. Some companies are kind enough to take this responsibility, but some are just quiet about this. Who know the future? Just keep avoiding getting all rebate deals from the company listed above until things are clear.

    This holiday season is just starting... be careful.....

    Note: More information and progression at SlickDeals.net forum

  • Voodoo Envy 133 Wallpaper

    This might be one of dream machines of many people, but as it turned out, it might not be as cool as we were expected from the machine in that price range. Slow speed could be a compromise, but less than 3-hr battery life is just little short. Yes, although Envy 133 comes with cool power adapter, that doesn't justify that we should pack that up in the bag at all time, does it?

    I never ever see that in person though and I don't think I will ever see that too :-P However, that doesn't mean that we couldn't use Envy 133 wallpaper!


    Here you go, at first I think this could be super cool wallpaper but when I got it, it's kind of so-so, disappointed a bit, but someone might want to have it.

    If you guys have this very good looking machine and have extra more wallpaper from it, please share I would love to see that.

  • Netbook & Notebook gap getting darn too close with Dell Mini 12

    The day netbook will merge with notebook is closer than you and I think--next month!? Since Dell will unleash Dell Inspiron Mini 12, the successor of Mini 9, with $600-$700 price tag depending on configuration. 6-cell battery one probably last 6-hour (let's say 4-5 in practice) according to LaptopMag.com.
    Dell inspiron Mini 12Dell inspiron Mini 12

    Brief specification of this mutant netbook:-
    CPU: Intel Atom
    RAM: 1GB of RAM
    Hard disk drive: 60/80GB
    OS: Windows Vista Home Basic
    Screen: 12.1" Glossy WXGA (1280x800)
    Connectivity: Bluetooth, WLAN 802.11b/g
    Ports: 3*USB, VGA, Card reader, Mic & headphone jack.
    Extra: Webcam
    Thickness: 0.92" - 1.09"
    Weight: 2.72 lbs

    I am amazed of what netbook is going to be--from 7" Eee 70x to now in only less than a year!! No more portability in that sense. Not that I don't like this, but this should mean things equipped Intel Atom shouldn't belong to only netbook no more. Then it will make sense

    IMO, eventually expensive ultra portable will fade away from the market. No matter how good they are, they are just like Vertu which offers none to other, but extraordinary price that no one considers buying one. Sad that some of them are such a great thing--Sony TZ. The question is whether we will see less and less innovation in that area too? probably so. :-/ [but we will see innovation in low-end side instead!! :-D I don't know which is better honestly.]

    Dell Inspiron Mini 12 vs Macbook Air Dell Inspiron Mini 12 vs Macbook Air

    check out more pics @ LaptopMag.com

    [via Notebookreview.com & LaptopMag.com]