• Disable Adobe Updater

    image This was not my issue until today. I just got my hand on tx2500z and as usual HP provides us tons of good & crap pieces of software. I decided to live with this configuration for a while and see how HP manages on its own image. So that I could review it as it really is out-of-the-box. However, one annoying thing I found so far was Adobe Updater from Acrobat Reader was popping up to download newer version all the time. It was quite a big file, so I could cancel it before it finished. By the way, after restarting it was still showing again and again.

    So I needed to fix this so badly. The problem was Adobe Updater didn't have a shortcut available for easy access. You guys might find this after completing first update and be able to disable it. But if you are not that patient, so you have to get into

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Updater5

    You will see AdobeUpdater.exe file which oddly have no beautiful icon for even regular size. Seems like Adobe doesn't like us to find this really. When you open this little app, you have to click "Preference" to customize its behavior.

    disable adobe updater

    Once you uncheck this, Adobe Updater will never bother you no more.

  • Dropbox - first take

    If you guys are familiar with Live Mesh but no need of remote connection what soeverdropbox, this might catch your attention. Dropbox is basically an online storage service--2GB for now--which has cross-platform client running natively on Windows, Mac, and surprisingly Linux also.

    After couple days of trying it, it just works. There is no fancy feature or customized location yet. But it gets job done with less memory than Mesh, of course. It works flawlessly so far on my several PC and Mac. Since it's only BETA, you will be expected to test its flow, report and suggest to the developer. If you guys would like to try, I have 10 invites available. =)

  • Google Chrome: completing the circle of Google's world


    This might be the day Google trying to complete their circle after playing around web applications from the beginning.

    Google Chrome is the browser based on AppleWebkit, the core that drives Safari nowadays. It sure is the proved solid browser.

    Google Chrome

    Now it's only on Windows OS. I could tell that it's surprisingly fast, clean and nice UI. It's also imported all my bookmarks from Firefox without a hitch. I'm pretty sure of that Google will release this on every OSes soon.

    Now Google already moves to build its own platform. It just surprises me that they haven't chosen Gecko as their platform after released so many add-ons for it. Probably it is way too many to be able to support them all [and other's too].

    However, the only thing that keeps me using Firefox, instead of ie8 and others, is its add-ons!! Will see how Google will react on that issue.

    Try here!

  • Dell Studio Hybrid got reviewed.

    imageDesktopreview.com has reviewed Dell Studio Hybrid, the tiny desktop which built by notebook's part as expected. With the spec:-

    CPU: Pentium Dual-core up to Core 2 Duo
    Memory: 1-4GB (SODIMM)
    Hard drive: upto 320GB (in fact, you could grab 2.5" 500GB HDD putting yourself)
    Optical drive: CD/DVD burner and Blu-ray as an optional
    Wireless: 802.11n (optional with PCIe)
    Ports: 5*USB, 1*HDMI, 1*DVI, 1*Gigabit LAN, 1*IEEE1394 4pin [no VGA port, sorry =)]

    Also, you can grab the extra colorful cover for just $17 each. This is starting at $499 [$399 usually if promotion is concerned] I think it's pretty nice. With a notebook standard, this little box is also sucking the juice less than regular desktop. Moreover, all parts is easily accessible and upgradable.

    dell studio hybrid dell studio hybrid

    Check out more detail @ desktopreview.com

  • Viliv S7 -- set your eyes on it!

    After Kohjinsha SC3 got my attention from its design, it failed me completely when coming to battery life--2 hours or so. Now Viliv, the company I also never heard of, come up with Viliv S7 claiming that it would suck less juice and be able to achieve 7-9 hours on single charge!

    Viliv S7

    And more importantly its form factor won any of their class, IMHO.

    Viliv S7 Viliv S7

    Whoa! What an impressive first look from UMPCportal.com. It's Atom-based device, 1GB RAM, 30/60 GB HDD, 7" touch screen, 1024px * 600px, 830g (including battery) I couldn't ask for more.

    In fact, I don't believe if this baby could really achieve 7-9 hours life. But by this approximation, I just wish it would get up to 5-hour-battery-life and that would be enough for my need indeed. If the price is right (less than a grand, please), I won't hesitate to grab one.

    Stay tuned! this will be out around the beginning of next year. I hope this company could make this dream come true.

    Check out more gallery & info at UMPCportal.com