• Hurting developer's heart? STUPID MOVE from P*lm


    All P*lm developers should be aware, P*lm will follow you guys and ask you "politely and forcibly by the power of the law" to drop off "p" word you are using as your trademark or whatsoever.

    This is what Dmitry, one of the most talented P*lm OS developers, had faced. As a result, he had to move his web site from http://palmpowerups.com [06/07/2005] to http://PlmPowerups.com to avoid such a confusion (perhaps because P*lm couldn't do any better than him?) and change the SDHC driver to "PlmSDHC" since it has no relation or approval from P*lm [of course, since they DON'T EVEN CARE all predecessors' product]

    here is the first post of palmpowerups.com:-

    Palm Powerups opens

    Palm Powerups opens today. This website will offer to you the software needed to make your palm more powerful, usable, interesting, and exciting. The currently available products include UDMH, warpSpeed, skinUI, Picsel Accelerator, and SysNfo. Of course you can expect many more great programs from Palm Powerups in the future, and your ideas are always welcome in the forums

    Posted by dmitrygr on Tuesday, June 07 @ 16:50:43 MST (15 reads)
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    I haven't seen anything telling he worked at P*lm, just one developer that wanted to make Palm device more powerful! [which is a good thing for them, right? I'm not so sure if P*lm thought the same way]

    P*lmRevolt [1/4/2006] and P*lmInsiderPro [03/20/2006] also got a notice and changed the names to pRevolt and ZInsider respectively. I don't know what P*lm think really since all these programs and names has been up *PUBLICLY* for many years ; why now?

    "The letters P-A-L-M reflect a prized brand with significant customer awareness and earned loyalty," said Ed Colligan, palmOne president and chief executive officer. "Innovation, power, ease of use, and elegance all are attributes of the brand, and we intend to invest to turn what is a strong name today into a household word synonymous with leadership in mobile computing."

    What they are proud of when getting it back from palmsource [$30M -- 3.5 years installments from 5/24/2005]  -- I just realized they haven't paid off it yet! [few more months left =)]

    Just putting a note " *** is not affiliated with or endorsed by P*lm Inc in anyway" isn't enough? They support you & they do everything to help you get better product but you just want to destroy that, what a shame! although you have all right to do so. How come you haven't chose more mature way, e.g. releasing policy will effect the software released after this day or something or mentioned this at the first place. Oops I just realize that they probably use Garnet for a long long time without releasing newer OS, so they have to think of such a dated software as well.

    It's just plain STUPID. I think the doom day is closer than you think.

    Go back to work, P*LM.

    update [2 weeks later]: Palm seemed to react to this issue as they should do firstly which is letting PalmPowerups.com continues its name. However, all product names which has this-4-letter-word still need  to abandon their name. I think they ain't busy working Nova enough.

  • Clip-and-Go Dock with Logitech V550


    new ideas from Logitech still continues. Now it's innovative feature called Clip-and-Go

    “To meet the demands associated with increased mobility, the V550 mouse offers a complete set of features to make it easier to use a mouse with a notebook when moving from the kitchen to the living room or from one’s desk to a meeting. Now, you won’t have to choose between grabbing your mouse or a cup of coffee.”

    It's real nice idea here. But wait! not only is this new feature, but shape & hyper-fast scrolling are also coming to Vxxx series. In addition, the battery life is extended to 1 and a half year. With the MSRP @59.99. I hope Vx series will be updated to make a distinct pretty soon.

    This will hit the store around late this month! Stay tuned!

    [via Engadget]

    Added [8/17/2008]: the way it hangs on the lid is here and there will be two colors available.

    Logitech V550 bottom V550

    And this model has been up on Logitech.com already!

  • Is Dell 90W adapter fragile?

    dell-90w-issue I don't know whether or not this is widespread problem, but I could find people who face this situation easily with a single search. The same applies to one of my friends; she said that she has this problem with previous and the current machine. For the first machine, she just left behind. However, she brought this to me this time.

    The Dell AC power adapter type cannot be determined

    The AC power adapter type cannot be determined. Your system will operate slower and battery will not charge.

    It's what you see above; this machine was locked to run as slow as it could--always 800MHz instead of 1.73Ghz. Whether the adapter couldn't provide enough juice or the DC jack on this board is malfunction was possible here. It was really hard to decide if you didn't have a spare adapter to test. Therefore, it left me no choice but buying a new adapter to test. Luckily Dell adapter was cheap =) only $28+$9 shipping from portabledetails.com and it took 3 days to arrive.

    After I got a replacement--new one has a ground line as a plus, Dell probably realized that laptop case was not the best place as a ground (electrical charge was noticeable on the chassis when I put the old adapter.)

    adapter 90W pa-10 adapter 90W pa-10 adapter 90W pa-10

    Soon after I popped up new adapter, the Inspiron 9400 was coming alive again; battery was charging immediately and it sucks full 90W--Kill a Watt meter told me. It's really surprise that this 17" laptop draws power even more than my desktop!

    Briefly, this machine is only 1 and a half years old, and surely out of warranty. If you have this problem and it's in warranty, Dell should not have any problem replacing the broken adapter for sure. In fact, this adapter basically should last longer than the laptop itself. I really have no clue how Dell took care of this design & manufacturer at first place since I never heard this problem with another brand yet. Maybe that's just me :-P

    Note: 90W draw occurs only when you have almost empty battery and/or run this machine simultaneously. 40-60W is a regular power draw for normal condition.

  • Knol - Wikipedia killer?

    Knol by Google This is another try from Google to control all over the Internet. Creating Knol--basically Wikipedia made by Google--which you could write anything you know as a knowledge base controlling & filtering by others.

    What really differ from Wikipedia is Google needs you to use your real name instead of "anonymous" you found in Wikipedia. In my point of view, it's just better to put your real name in order to make you feel more responsible for what you write. However, I don't know how Knol will go since it's going to have a tough fight with a very large existed Wikipedia community. By the way, there will be only positive things come up after this fight--a lot more stuffs to make people more knowledgeable. Keep reading!

  • OMG! What a cute little tablet PC--Kohjinsha SC3


    Well, I am not sure whether this should be UMPC or tablet PC. Actually, it should be something in between. However, pocketables.net got a review of this baby which you really have to check it out.

    Brief spec:

    CPU: Intel Atom Z520 Silverthorne 1.33GHz (single-core, hyper-threading)
    Chipset: Intel SCH US15W (Poulsbo)
    RAM: 2GB DDR2-533 (1GB standard, upgradeable)
    OS: Windows Vista Home Premium
    Hard drive: 60GB
    Display: 7” swivel touch-screen (1024 x 600)
    Wireless: 802.11b/g, [Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, GPS]*, 1seg tuner
    Size: 7.44" x 6.10" x 1.00"-1.30"
    Weight: 1.76 lbs.
    Colors: Black or white
    Price: around $1,000 [this is not Netbook indeed]

    It's smaller than Eee PC, but much more interesting since its screen resolution is quite large and more importantly, it's a swivel screen!! I do hope it will ink as good as Fujitsu P16xx or as same as Samsung Q1--that should be alright.

    According to Jenn in the review's comment


    Inking on the SC3 in portrait and landscape slate mode is actually pretty good. The display is a passive touchscreen, but it's not overly sensitive. It responds to stylus taps and fingernails immediately but will only register fingertaps when done deliberately.

    Handwriting recognition through the Tablet PC Input Panel is great. I'm not an inker, so writing on the screen feels unnatural to me. I know there isn't exactly a "right" way to ink, but I'm pretty sure seasoned tablet folk would notice how awkward I am. Even so, the SC3 recognized every single word I wrote.

    Writing directly on the entire screen through Windows Journal is not as great, but still quite good. The screen seems able to withstand light palm touches; vectoring is only an issue with heavy palms and when that sharpish bone right above the wrist taps it.

    Posted by Jenn | 01:13 PM on Jul 16, 2008

    HTC shift vs Kohjinsha SC3 Fujitsu U810 vs Kohjinsha SC3 image image

    Full review @ pocketables.net!