• Dell (PRODUCT) RED complete set


    Due to lots of request from previous post about the rest of (PRODUCT) RED set. So you will be satisfied with this post thoroughly. The complete set include:-image

    • Wallpapers - all of them are in this post.
    • 2 gadgets - to make it clear, it's only 1 new gadget--just only a link. For the red clock, you already have it with your Vista; all you have to do is find options and change it. That's my bad; that I think they are the same; however, the RED clock one is a bit different. No a second hand available is a disadvantage to me though.
    • Screensaver - this is nothing interesting at all. If you don't believe me, try it. But I recommend you to turn off screen, it's way lots better than opening screensaver.
    • DreamScene - this is what you see above; you may like it though.
    • What else? - theme? no more! you could do on your own as your preference.

    Happy with (PRODUCT) RED stuffs.


    Added: March 9, 2008

    Thanks to fediafedia, I realized that's based on the same code as well. Thus, If you want to have a second hand. You just go tweaking the code directly. Here is a simple way to do; get into this directory; just paste this in Windows Explorer

    %userprofile%\appdata\local\microsoft\windows sidebar\gadgets\clockr.gadget\en-US\js

    Then you will see the file "settings.js", just edit by Notepad or your choice of editor. Find the function ClockSettings() [line:120] then edit

    this.secondsEnabled = true;

    Then you got the RED clock with a second hand, Horay!

  • Is it better to move "my stuffs" to another partition?

    This is a very interesting topic in my opinion since I were on both side and I still have doubt how I am going to deal with my every new laptop/desktop. However, I think I have a point for folks who want to settle this confusion.

    Firstly, I never thought of using My Documents, My Pictures, My Music, and My whatever Microsoft named it. I think it's kind of stupid saving files in them because the real path is such a pain. From Windows 95 until Windows XP, it looks like this:-

    C:\Document and Setting\<username>\My Documents

    It's just simply too hard to type, remember, and use. I ended up storing things in somewhere like:


    Unfortunately, I still ended up with filling My Documents and mostly My Pictures with a bunch of stuffs because some programs--Office, all photo viewer or music management--just use those values as a default and changing the location every time is not fun at all. The real problem is when I wanted to reinstall an OS, I needed copy a backup of those directories. Then after I was all set with new OS, I just wanted those directories to be neat and clean, then waited until I had enough time to organize. Eventually, those sets of "My Documents" backup are still on the same place--never make it to where it should.

    I might be like you, or not at all, but I really like what Microsoft have done with Vista especially Tablet features and how it organize all this folder. Their names are much easier to find and recognize:


    So, I have less reasons not to follow this type of organization and surely I gave them a shot. Then, I'd better start previewing both solutions.

    1. Stick with one: I believe that this is most people do because you don't have to do anything with it; just normal. However, if your system corrupted, it's over. That case doesn't happen every day though.

    2. Better have two: This is what I believe it's so good since I mostly re-install my OSes every month--don't ask why; it's just fun maybe at that time--and use multiple OSes in the same machine--that's an obvious reason: I can't afford to buy 2-3 machines and learn them one-by-one. At that time, you have to remember that Linux could not handle NTFS this well, so FAT32 is just a practical solution; nonetheless, it has very bad limited which is a 4GB largest file. I couldn't bare using to store some image files I have. Finally the easy way is using FAT32 partition as a storage for every OSes. This way I have no problem finding files I want anymore and more importantly, OS crashes, breaks, or doesn't work anyhow; you just reinstall it. All your files are still there at the same old place. Don't think of more than 2 storage partition, I don't think it's a better solution.

    Up to now, it seems that one dedicated partition for storage has only advantages over a single partition. Let's see why single partition is more than enough nowadays.

    • You will get dynamic size of storage for both system & data -- that's what we really concerned since the more we have grown, the more storage is required. It's like we could fill up 120GB in a year while 40GB is like an infinity several year ago.
    • Not only you get dynamic size of storage, you will have less confusion of where you stored your data as well since everything will pack in C:\User\<username>\*.*
    • Multiple OSes? no problem, with NTFS-3g which improved both reading and writing abilities, Linux doesn't have any problem or trouble accessing data in NTFS again. Thus, if you want to do multiple OSes, just think of main OS you are going to use which mostly we ended up with Windows since hardcore Linux users will use it as only OS anyway. Then we just let Windows in bigger partition and store data in it. You'll never have problem of unable to access them.
    • Backup solutions are variety -- with the backup program like Norton Ghost, Acronis, Vista Backup & Restore, Windows Home Server, or just creating a duplicate on another drive. These programs are very useful if you data are the thing you concerned. Once you have a backup, you know you will not lose data. I know it's the way more expensive, but wait! it's safer and more reliable than storing in the same drive--no pain, no gain. If you are in the case of reinstalling OS for fun, you can partially restore only files you want anyway. This is highly recommended!

    By the way, do not think I'm convincing you to use this way. I'm okay with both, but these days I need my machine to be more reliable than before. I am not dare to play with every stuffs I possibly find; I'm so tried of installing any OSes every two weeks or month. So this is the way I believe it's good for me now. Just so you know, I run Vista Business & Xubuntu on my X61T, my data are mostly in Windows' partition, it's working beautifully like my old days with many partitions. All in all, if you want your data to be safe, both ways are the same, but you can increase reliability of your data by having a backup.

    The problem is choice...you decide it

  • How to maximize your phone's battery performance by Palm!?

    Palm, Inc. just released Palm Self-Paced Learning Guides for their smartphone series; it's sort of cool for users to walk through a dynamic guide rather than just plain user guide.


    When I got in there, my curiosity took me to the guide of Centro immediately. Everything seems decent, not much detail but Palm provides you enough information for new users. However, there is a Tips & Tricks section that made me Oh-O!! It's Maximize Battery Performance. See it by yourself.


    First two are okay, some may not know that Li-ion doesn't like to be drain-out. This definitely helps. Nonetheless, the third one make me think that Palm should NOT be in smart-or-stupid-phone market at all. They want us not to use our phone and turn it off. Why should we buy the phone but plan not to use it then? What is the point of mobility? let all calls be picked up by voicemail, LOL!!

    Have you ever heard any manufacturer tell you this--buy phone but not to use it? Please, go back and work on only your great PDA, Palm.

  • Lenovo ThinkPad X300: back to Premium!


    Oh, man! this ThinkPad is so cool. It's almost no compromise in design with countless features, such as ThinkLight--I really missed it, Roll Cage, Stainless steel display hinges, shock mount HDD, LED backlight, mic, camera, fingerprint, spill resistant keyboard, 802.11n, Bluetooth, Opt. WiMax/WWAN in this small chassis which is also hardware removal/installation friendly.

    Battery light is also great as well with
    - 4.3 hours with 3-cell battery (3.13lbs)
    - 6.5 hours with 6-cell battery (3.32lbs)
    - 10 hours with 6+3-cell batteries (3.51lbs)

    I have no idea about 6+3-cell batteries how it would be though--thru dock? However, 6.5 is impressive already, you maybe just carry another battery, then you will be all set. What you are sacrifice is faster CPU, instead they choose to pop Intel Core 2 Duo LV 1.2GHz 4MB L2 cache. I prefer longer battery life as always though.

    BUT, sadly I couldn't afford it. With the premium price tag--$2,700. That's super far beyond my reach. At least, ThinkPad X300 is a dream machine of most people. I wish Thinkpad X200 will be almost the same with HDD and low price tag as X61s or X70 will be out soon.

    X300 Brochure leaked via Forum.ThinkPads
    X300 take apart via Forum.ThinkPads

    update (Feb 26, 2008): After coupon and else, we could actually get this cool ThinkPad around $2,100-2,200. Not bad, not bad at all! (but still couldn't afford it :-/)

  • InkSeine is out!


    Finally, it's released one day earlier than what we knew at the first time, Valentine's gift probably. You can go grab it here.

    Since it's BETA, it would be impossible that it is bug-free program. See the limitation here. However, that's not going to make this great program bad at all. We all know that we could workaround this anyway.

    To improve this program, don't forget to tell what you think to developer :-P Thus, we will have better program in any perspective. But for now, I have to go testing InkSeine myself.

    Have fun.

    updated: comments, suggestions, feedbacks via gottabemobile forum -- here you will learn lots of thing also.