• Dell XPS One (PRODUCT) RED wallpaper

    Windows AeroThis is basically XPS One in red, it might not be interesting one at all for someone. However, there is one thing that is really cool about it which is Wallpaper. I bet many thought like I do.

    Thus, today I grabbed all of wallpapers of XPS One (Product) RED. They are so cool as it looks in the web site.

    Here they all are for you :-P I forget to tell you that they all are 1680x1050. But you won't have any weird feeling using on 4:3 screen like using on my Thinkpad X61T :-D

    REDBloom REDDell REDEarth REDFlourish REDIceFlourish REDTexture RED_Motegi_wallpaper1680x1050
    (Click to see full-sized wallpaper)


    more info about (PRODUCT) RED

    updated (Feb 20, 2008): Mirror (if above doesn't work):
    REDBloom REDDell REDEarth REDFlourish REDIceFlourish REDTexture RED_Motegi_wallpaper1680x1050

  • First take: fixing loose Fujitsu S2110's power jack

    Actually, if you have Fujitsu laptop, you are likely to have this problem since this is just a bad selection of power jack, or I could say that it's a bad design instead. Nonetheless, it has been served me very well since late last year. No one wouldn't disagree how good Fujitsu is though.

    powerjackThe problem is when you plugged the power jack, it randomly disconnected. You had to move the power adapter tip a bit to get it work properly again. Since I'm setting a brightness when plugged in and on battery differently, so I found this problem is really bothering me; it just keeps switching brightness back and forth any time I move my laptop. In my opinion, it is because the power adapter tip isn't that smooth at the edge and when you plug it in, it does have some trigger (to avoid loosing power jack perhaps). That, however, it's the bad part; the more you plug in and take out, the more power jack on the print circuit (and/or its mechanism) is loosing. I bet you won't find this problem with Apple Magnetic power adapter and many other manufacturers.

    Well, I don't know if I'm good at explaining this situation. But I know that the picture says thousands of useful words.


    You may know what is the cause of this problem now and you might have a solution already too. As you know, this is a first take; I won't do anything much since I found that soldering of DC power jack is still good enough, there is no need to take it out and find a replacement. At first, you have to get this part out. (if you don't know how to do, take a look at this. It might not cover this part truly, it gives you an idea though.)

    I took a look at this part to see how to fix this for a while.

    DC power jack circuit DC power jack circuit 2

    I found that if you could fill two holes I showed above to prevent DC power jack moving, it might help. You know? I tried that but no luck; I had nothing that can fill that out. Thus I came up with another idea which is finding something to put in between DC power jack and print circuit making it more solid and securely attached.

    DC power jack fixed DC power jack fixed

    It's working beautifully by inserting a paper (in fact, I should find some non-arc thing like plastic) between them. I haven't found any random power disconnection for few weeks by now. I know this is not permanent solution, but the phrase, "If it works, don't fix it," is always a good solution. When this problem shows up again, you will see another solution indeed.

  • Getting to know more about InkSeine

    image InkSeine is probably designed solely for pen; every single thing is completely new world of controlling; you won't find it easy if you are not using with the pen. Imagine that you almost don't have to click, just tap and drag. I'm really exciting waiting for try in person.

    Here the samples come:-

    > Twelve Days of InkSeine by Ken Hinckley@Microsoft Research, today there are up to day #3 but they are all coming soon.
    > GBM InkShow: InkSeine - you will get tons of idea what Inkseine is. Very good show indeed.

    I can't wait for Feb 15! Nevertheless, I really hope InkSeine would have a notebook tab organization like we used to have in OneNote. That's going to be awesome.

  • InkSeine will be available after Valentine's day.

    We've got a good news from Microsoft Research community; The tablet centric program will be ready for download from Microsoft Research on February 15, 2008 after it's only beta for full-time Microsoft employee for a while. If you don't know what it is, take a look at this.


    It looks really promising program for Tablet PC or UMPC, we'll see what it can do. I'm very happy to see the tablet-related program coming after the great OneNote 2007 :-P Stay Tuned!

    For more information: InkSeine: Find Your Stuff With Ink,

  • Onenote printer missing after updating Office SP1

    image I don't know this sort of problem happening really; but it's really suck since this virtual printer is so valuable.


    If you do update this, you will suddenly find that you are not able to print anything to OneNote again and it's not just easy adding printer, and you will get it. :-P

    Unfortunately, the solution is much easier--repair the program via add/remove programs.

    1. Control Panel >> Add/remove program (or Program and features in Vista)
    2. Choose Microsoft Office 2007, then click change
    3. Click next, next, ..., until it's done.
    4. after all, you have your OneNote printer back, easy?

    :-P it's easy to fix; nonetheless, the truth is this shouldn't happen ever :-X